EastBanc Inc. represents its own portfolio and that of other owners as a landlord leasing representative. EastBanc’s retail division leases over 230,000 sf. of retail and 360,000 sf. of office for its own account. Our leasing department has strong existing relationships with multiple local and national brokers and is always excited to hear from and meet new retail representatives.

In addition EastBanc provides third-party leasing services and currently leases over 200,000 sf. of third-party retail. In aggregate EastBanc is responsible for leasing over 430,000 sf. of retail, making it an essential resource for any local or international retailer seeking to expand in Washington DC.

EastBanc is philosophically orientated to foster and expand the retail mix in its markets and is a welcome partner for new young retailers be it local or national seeking to expand to new markets. If there are any questions please direct all calls to our leasing office.