1237 Wisconsin Ave, N.W.

Address: 1237 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. Washington, DC
Description: A three-story 11,000 sq ft building located in the heart of Georgetown, just a block north of the Wisconsin Avenue and M Street intersection. It features a two-story retail space with an atrium and skylights providing natural light throughout, as well as a full basement for either retail or storage use. In addition there is one luxury residential unit, which can be accessed from the rear of the building. The property is located adjacent to the Georgetown Apple store as well as Ralph Lauren and currently is the home of Madewell. It also faces the crossing of Wisconsin and Prospect Streets so offers high visibility to foot traffic from either direction



Madewell (9,572 sq.ft.)

Size: 9,572 sq.ft.
Address: 1237 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. Washington DC


2 Br/2.5 Ba Luxury Unit (1,460 sq.ft.)

Size: 1,460 sq.ft.

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