Address: 3601-07 M Street NW
Description: The site consists of 24,252 square feet of land, 19,392 of which is being used as a gas station/convenience store. The new development will consist of the vertical construction of a 60,000 to 70,000 GSF above-grade, luxury residential condominium building with approximately thirty-five (35) total units on five (5) above-grade levels and with two (2) levels of below-grade parking.

The condominiums will be aimed at the higher-end of the market and feature luxury amenities, open floor-plans and stunning views. It is anticipated that the units will average around 2,000 square feet. The site will be developed with two levels of below-grade parking and private green roof areas. There will be approximately six (6) to seven (7) through-units per floor with living areas on the M Street side with sweeping river views and bedrooms on the back side with quiet views of a green hillside.

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